Vapour Shack Has 2019 Revamp

Published: 28th November 2018 / Reading Time: 3 minutes

Vapour Shack has revamp revamp ready for 2019

Lottie has been working with local vape store Vapour Shack on their website design and marketing since we launched and we both thought it was time for the site to have a mini revamp.

Ready for a big marketing push in 2019 we decided to streamline the website, make the design more current and clean and make the mobile user experience much smoother.

We did not change the core design but simply altered and amended what was there, took away some elements of the site which were not used and added new functionality to drawn in more customers and sales.

Streamlined Product Category Page

We removed the sidebar filter menu which had low usage and didn’t really benefit desktop users, simplified the top header area and improved the navigation.

Simplified Product Description Area

The product description area was very detailed for a lot of the products, which is great for SEO and also great for the customer, however there was a mixture of fonts and colours which had been added by the client in the back end system and this made the site look messy and unprofessional.

We choose a new cleaner easier to read font and ensured all text and font sizes were uniform across the site to give a modern, clean professional look. We also swapped the description and reviews tabs around so that the long review was not shown first as this simplified the mobile shopping experience.

Improved Mega Menu

vapour shack

The mega menu had a big drop shadow before and this dated the site and made it look untidy. We cleaned the menu up with the new font and used a smaller more modern drop shadow to the mega menu to enable it to sit on the page better and be easier to read and use.

Improved Footer Area

vapour shack

The footer area has also improved with the addition on an email sign up box which encourages visitors to pass on their email address to Vapour Shack which we will then use to market new products to them.

We also cleaned up the navigation, added social media links, made the PayPal logo much smaller and brought everything inline with the new fonts and design.

Improved Checkout Page Design

vapour shack

The checkout is the most important page on the website so we had to get it right. We changed the layout and design of the checkout page to highlight the order information area and the user input area.

By this page having a slightly different design than the rest of the site, users are drawn into it and take more notice and will hopefully complete their purchases in bigger numbers.

Better Mobile Menu

vapour shack

As the site has a lot of products and categories getting the mobile menu right was key. We streamlined the mobile menu and made it easier to use and find the sub categories. We also added links to the shopping cart, account pages and made it easier to find the login options too.

Overall Impressions

Feedback on the new design has been positive from Vapour Shack and their customers and we have already seen an improvement in the conversion rate on the site which is great news and we will continue to monitor this over the coming months.

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