Smashing Black Friday Sales Records

Published: 26th November 2018 / Reading Time: 2 minutes

We help our clients smash their Black Friday sales records

We worked closely with 2 of our clients over the Black Friday week and delivered fantastic year on year growth figures for them.

A concentrated effort was made to optimise and market the stores to ensure maximum revenues over this busy period and after some very late nights the results could not have been better.

The Belgian Beer Company

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The Belgian Beer Company had a massive 578% year on year sales growth vs the same period in 2017.

This was driven partly through a series of email marketing campaigns being sent out over the 3 day sales weekend, a site wide 10% off saving and an improved Google Adwords campaign.

Having 10% off everything in store was a great driver of traffic to the site, coupled with the email marketing which went out to a targeted segment of their subscriber list results in a store conversion rate of over 5.5%.

Conversion rate from the email marketing campaign was incredible at a whopping 16.3% and these emails brought in over 33% of the total store revenue.



Jakke is already having a fantastic year with an increase in brand awareness and social media activity driving sales across their range.

For Black Friday they added an up to 50% off sale across over 30 products and this resulted in an 101% year on year sales growth vs 2017.

An email marketing campaign was setup and launched at 00:01 on Tuesday with follow up emails being sent out to different segments throughout the week. These email campaigns drove 11% of total store revenue during the Black Friday sale week.

The website was updated and servers boosted to ensure the website stayed online 100% of the time and this along with speed optimisations increased the conversion rate by 25% year on year which is a fantastic result.

Final Christmas Push

We are now working with all our clients on the final run up to Christmas and hope to achieve more great sales during this critical trading period.


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