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We live and breathe e-commerce, so we are the perfect partners to help grow your online business.

Our experience and expertise allows us to design, develop, launch and market online store with great success rates.

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E-Commerce Website Agency

What we do

E-Commerce Websites That Convert!

Here at Lottie HQ we ONLY do e-commerce websites, we do not do standard brochure style websites and this means we are super focused, super skilled and super experienced in all things e-commerce.

Born out of a love of online shopping, Lottie's sole mission is to design, build and optimise online stores, so our clients can make as much money as possible each and every day.

We pour our knowledge, real world experience and expertise into every single e-commerce website project to ensure that our clients get the very best product along with innovative marketing strategies to help them standout and succeed in the ever growing digital marketplace.

If you are looking to sell your products online then we can help in a number of ways and have a robust and proven method of getting your site up and running in only 6 weeks.

This means you can be making money much sooner - which is what it is all about.

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How We Work

The Process

Stratey & Planning

Every client is different and requires a bespoke end product which is tailoured to their exact needs. This is where the strategy and planning stage comes in and is very important, as without this we would not be able to design and build the website to meet their needs.

During this stage we research the marketplace the client is entering into, see who are the market leaders and why and work out a strategy of how to get as many sales as possible from the website for the lowest cost per aquistition.

The strategy stage covers what the website needs to do and how we can achieve this, along with how we are going to market the website after launch and ensures the design and build meet all the needs and expectations both parties have.

Design & Development

Once we have the strategy in place, the designers can get to work on creating the wireframes and mockups of the website design. This stage takes all the elements in the planning stage and puts them into place.

We do not use templates here at Lottie and we do not buy designs from the internet - all projects are designed to a bespoke layout to suit each client's needs. This gives us maximum flexibility and ensures we can meet all client requirements no matter they might be.

The design is then showcased to the clients where we can tweak and optimise it further until everyone is happy - and then we pass it on to our developers who beaver away in a darken room and cook up the final fully functional e-commerce website.

Expert Project Management

As we have a robust 6 week project turnaround time for all our e-commerce website design projects we have a proven project management stategy to ensure all stakeholders are kept informed throughout each stage of the process.

Fortnightly meetings take place with the major stakeholders to ensure the project moves along smoothly and everyone is kept in the loop. We also use an online project management system to ensure files, documents, tasks and milestones are recorded, actioned and processed on time.

Because of this structure that we have in place we can deliver projects in just 6 weeks without having to take shortcuts or reuse the same templates over and over. We want to get you online and selling as quick as possible as the more money clients make the happier we all are.

Test, Launch & Promote

All out e-commerce websites go through a robust testing process to ensure that every element is working perfectly from the off. This includes of course testing the checkout process functions as expected, emails are sent to customers and customers can navigate their way around the site with ease.

We send all websites to a testing panel before they are launched to ensure that the general public who have had no interaction with the project can load the site, navigate around it and purchase without any issues. If there are any problems or feedback then we can update and amend the site before it goes live to the world and avoid any issues or embarassment.

Onced launched the real work begins as we will then embark on a detailed marketing strategy across many channels such as pay per click, social media marketing, blog writing, SEO and conversion rate optimisation. All of which will ensure the client gets the maximum return on investment and has a profitable website.

speed & quality

6 week project turnaround time

Due to our advanced planning and project management systems we are able to turnaround e-commerce website projects in just 6 weeks!

Due to the way we work and the way we interact with our clients we can offer this fast turnaround time without cutting on the quality.

All our website projects are built to a unique design, so we do not save time by using templates. We save time due to a detailed project schedule and re-useable blocks of code we have created.

So if you want to get your online store up-and-running quickly then we are the agency for you!

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