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Customers are not going to magically come to your store, you need to tempt them in across multiple channels.

We are able to drive customers and sales through PPC, SEO, social media & email marketing campaigns.

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Drive customers to your store

Many clients believe that once their new website is live then that is the end of the journey and they can sit back and wait for the tills to ring - it doesn't work like that. Once the website is live then it is just the START of the journey!

Getting traffic to your online store is essential if you want to sell your products and we have a range of methods to help do this. By using a range of marketing channels we can hit the maximum amount of people and generate the maximum number of sales.

Using pay per click advertising across Google and Bing is a great way to drive active users to your site. Then once they are on the website we can get them to subscribe to your monthly email newsletter. After this we can remark to them across social media with targetted personalised adverts which help them re-engage with your business. And after all that we can do it all over again to ensure they keep coming back for more.

Our complete 360degree marketing solutions enable your business to grow in a way like never before, and capture so many more sales than relying on just SEO or just pure luck.

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multi channel marketing

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Digital marketing process

E-commerce marketing approach

Stratey & Planning

You can not run a multi channel marketing campaign without first planning it out in fine detail. Due to the complex nature of the marketing campaigns we can create this strategy stage is very important and involves all major stakeholders in the project.

Planning out which method of marketing will have the biggest return on investment is essential to ensure that money is not spent in the wrong places. It is also very important to plan out the different stages of the campaigns as different channels will flow into each other and cross over.

It is also very important to work out the marketing budget with the client and then run models to work out the possible returns based on extreme conversion rates.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is still a very important part of any marketing strategy. Although organic reach has tumbled across the platforms, the advertising channels are still very cost effective and are a great way to drive customers to your store.

We can work out who your target audience is exactly and then plan which social media channel or channels to promote the brand across. This maybe a multi-channel campaign targetting different user groups or we can use remarketing to ensure we have blanket coverage so that your brand is never too far from your customers screens.

We can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to market your online store and our marketing team has all the tricks and experience to ensure every campaign has a positive outcome.

Pay per click advertising

Pay per click advertising is a great way to get customers to your store, as you can set up your store and start advertising the very same day.

We can use a range of PPC campaigns to drive customers to your door across Google and Bing. Google shopping ads work fantasticly and have a high conversion rate and are compatible with the Woocommerce framework.

We can also use remarketing camapigns to target visitors to your store across the Google search network to entice them back to complete their purchase or promote new products too them.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing still plays a massive role in helping online stores capture sales, even in the GDPR world we live in now. As long as you get permission to email people on your subscriber list and ensure you comply with GDPR regulations we can send out beautiful email marketing campaigns to these active users.

Conversion rates are high for email marketing campaigns due to the fact the customer has opted-in and is usually already a customer so knows the brand. By sending out weekly or monthly newsletters you can get a great amount of sales for a low cost.

We are able to help grow your email marketing database and then intgrate the campaigns into the overall strategy, and monitor the performnace via detailed analytic platforms.

speed & quality

6 week project turnaround time

Due to our advanced planning and project management systems we are able to turnaround e-commerce website projects in just 6 weeks!

Due to the way we work and the way we interact with our clients we can offer this fast turnaround time without cutting on the quality.

All our website projects are built to a unique design, so we do not save time by using templates. We save time due to a detailed project schedule and re-useable blocks of code we have created.

So if you want to get your online store up-and-running quickly then we are the agency for you!

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