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The difference between a 3% or 4% conversion rate for your online store can mean £1000s worth of extra revenue.

Websites need to grow and evolve and move with how users interact with them to ensure maximise conversion rates.

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Achieving a high conversion rate for an online store is essential to boosting revenues. The difference between a 1% and 2% conversion rate is 100% increase in sales.. just think about that!

Ensuring that the lowest number of people leave your site without buying is one of the most important parts of our optimisation programme and we have a range of techniques to try and do this.

By using A/B testing we can ensure the website is not just beauitful and easy to use, but work flawlessly and tricks customers down the checkout funnel in higher numbers.

We can also use SEO to ensure that the maximum amount of customers come to your site via an organic search query. SEO is still vital for online stores, especially in crowded markets where you need to be at the top to stand out.

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what we do

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Conversion Rate optimisation

The average conversion rate for an online store is just 3%. This means 3 out of every 100 visitors will buy from you - it also means that 97 wont!

By increasing the conversion rate from 3% to 4% may not sound like much but it means you get 1 more sale for every 100 visitors, and if this sale is worth £100 then it is a big deal.

Stopping people from leaving the site and completing their purchase is an on-going battle but there are methods and techniques we can use to try and ensure the buying funnel is as easy to complete as possible.

Conversion rate optimisation is an on-going process and usually involves a 4 week cycle of small adjustments to the website which are monitored to see if they worked or not. But when it does work the results can be massive!

Search engine optimisation

SEO is still a vital part of any online store's marketing strategy no matter how competitive the industry maybe. The more organic traffic you can attract to the website the better as this is traffic you have not had to buy and are also potentially further down the buying funnel as they actively seeked your store out.

SEO for online stores is no different than for brochure style websites, however due to the ever changing inventory on large scale stores the challenges are varied.

We can use all our experience and expertise to ensure your website is being found for the relevant search terms and you out rank your competition.

SEO is again an on-going service and can take many months or even years to acheive the top page 1 ranking positions however it does have long term benefits which often outway the expense in getting you to the top.

Website updates & maintenance

Ensuring your website is kept up-to-date, safe and secure is vital to keep hackers at bay and also ensure the store carries on functioning.

We will manage all website updates along with ensuring the website is kept locked down from the bad guys. Monthly maintenance in the back end of the webite acts like a spring clean and keeps the site running super smooth and fast and no nasty surprises await your customers.

We can also update and maintain the product inventory of your store, upload new products and become your digital admin team. Any job you need us to do on the website we can help with, and this may include adding new features, updating page content or supporting you with order issues.

We take care of the management of your website hosting too, and will ensure your website is kept online 99.99999% of the time. If there is any downtime for any reason we get notified within 5 minutes so we can jump on it and get things fixed super quick!


E-commerce is fast paced and things move quicker than some people can keep up. Luckily we are always looking forward and working out new ideas and strategies to make our client websites the best in the business.

So we can update your website with new technology that comes out, or new techniques which maybe only the big players like Amazon where doing are now more easily achievable.

We can also redesign your website as many times as necessary to keep with the trends - essential for fashion brands where styles change from season to season. Before when black was in, it is now suddenly all about the neon colours. We can make these changes to ensure you are not left behind, and even become the trend setters.

speed & quality

6 week project turnaround time

Due to our advanced planning and project management systems we are able to turnaround e-commerce website projects in just 6 weeks!

Due to the way we work and the way we interact with our clients we can offer this fast turnaround time without cutting on the quality.

All our website projects are built to a unique design, so we do not save time by using templates. We save time due to a detailed project schedule and re-useable blocks of code we have created.

So if you want to get your online store up-and-running quickly then we are the agency for you!

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