We are lottie
born 2018

We are new kids on the block, but have brought years of experience and expertise with us.

A passion for all things e-commerce lead to the creation of Lottie.

E-Commerce Website Agency

Who are we?

small agency with big plans

We are a small agency and want to keep things that way. With our focus on e-commerce website development we know we can make a big different to small and medium size enterprises who make their living online.

The director comes straight from another digital agency and is now taking up the challenge of starting from the ground up in a new digital space.

The agency is currently run by the director with a team of freelance developers and designers from across the UK, meaning we have a great team behind us but without the high costs of a permaneant team and office.

We are able to keep costs down due to having no major overheads and are able to offer excellent customer service to our clients due to the small client base.

So if you are looking to work with a young and hungry digital agency then you have come to the right place!

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